How can I find a Wheels bike using the App?




  • Felice Smith

    Here is my experience so far, please help or answer my other tickets if you see easier ways to do something. My biggest problems are as follows:
    The map or the devices on it are woefully dated. Almost every bike has a located date of 2 months ago or more. Why don't you refresh the locations for us so that we could ACTUALLY find these bikes. And if you can't do that for some unacceptable reason then give us a filter so we can easily go after bikes that exist. It's bad enough that the app has the workflow that it does. But we are provided with no tools (alarms) and no QR code so we HAVE to scan every bike and deal with that workflow for nothing usually. The fact that you can turn on so many more bikes at 10 pm means you don't care much for the transporters that are trying to work during the day. No more for me unless it's 10pm. I have more issues but that is my biggest..

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  • Mikul

    Tip for people having a hard time finding bikes to transport:     Instead of relying on the app to tell you where to find bikes - scan any bike you come across, they just may have a bounty.  I pick up many bikes that way.   

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