Where should I leave my Wheels bike after a ride?




  • Roel Yumol

    How much is the rent for this?

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  • Pamela Star

    Listen, I used a Wheels yesterday for the first time. Can't say that I will ever do it again.  Simple ride... from Ogden and Hollywood Blvd.  to Highland Avenue., near the Hollywood Bowl.
    Took me 15 minutes to actually ride there.  But then, when I arrive, and want to end the ride... the app would not allow me to end the ride, saying that there was an ERROR and that I was attempting to leave the bike in a no parking / no riding zone, even though, there was another Wheels right where I was trying to leave the bike.  On the app, it was also showing that the bike located in a "no go" zone, showing the bike as located in Runyon Canyon, ... when the GPS on the Google map clearly showed where I was with a blue dot.
    The area of the actual Hollywood Bowl was blacked out,... as I guess that the point is that they do not want the bikes left THERE,... however, the area that I was in, was NOT blacked out on the map at all.    And there were NO further instructions, on the app, at the time that I was trying to turn off the bike and end the ride, as to what I needed to do to correct the situation.  No customer service contact. NOTHING.  And so... it took me 15 more minutes to finally figure out what to do... (which made me late for my engagement ) AND the app is charging me for those additional 15 minutes, even though it is obvious that the bike is going nowhere / not being driven.  Eventually, I figured out that I had to walk the bike several blocks away .... because, of course, the bike was now turned off, and would not turn back on, (because it is registering that I am in a 'no ride' zone, even though there are other Wheels around.)  So I was actually charged DOUBLE what my ride should have been.  This is effed up. And there's no customer service, (that I have found yet,) to reach out to about any of this.  Not in the app... and not online.
    And so, that's part one.
    Part 2 is, when I come out of the venue, I was more than prepared to walk a good ways to get another Wheels to take me back to my starting point.  Well... now, they've all disappeared from the street.  It's only 10:30 at night, not 2 in the morning.  I  don't think that they are all gone because people are riding the, but rather, they've all been removed from the street.  I do  come across 3. All three have been disabled for 'maintenance'.  So what hell is the point of taking a vehicle to get to some place, if I cannot take that mode of transportation back to where I started from.

    I don't think I'll do this again.

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